High Barnet Home Locksmith

Have you just moved to the High Barnet area? If so, High Barnet Locksmiths would like to welcome you and give you some useful tips on how to make your new home secure.

New Property - New Locks

The moment you move in to a new property, be it a residential house or a commercial office, you simply have to call a professional locksmith for a lock change. You may say it's not an emergency locksmith situation, so why should I do it right away? Many of our clients don't realise the threats of having the old locks in place, but trust an experienced locksmith in High Barnet; you don't want the previous owner, who may have just "forgotten" to give you that extra key he had, to drop by unexpectedly. To be on the safe side, just give us a quick call and one of our trusted locksmiths will schedule a lock change.

Lock Upgrades

Check your locks-if you moved in to quite an old property. Make sure all your locks - inner door locks, window locks, garage door lock etc. work properly. If one of your locks doesn't turn, or your uPVC door doesn't lock properly, it's probably best call a security expert. A lock change service is much cheaper than an emergency locksmith service you might need if the key breaks inside the lock.

Security Advice

Once you are finally settled into your new home, with a full home security check done, the last piece of advice High Barnet locksmith can give you is to have an extra key stored with a trusted friend or family member in case of being locked out. Of course you can always call a 24 hour locksmith in Barnet, but the stress of being locked out and the cost of an emergency lockout service are much higher than simply making that extra key.


Lock And Safe Opening